The Kitchen at Rock Hall // A Photo Interview // Dining in Kent County, Maryland


 The tail was wagging the dog.

Steve and Monica Quigg had an epiphany.  They were working hard, but not able to enjoy the lifestyle they were working so hard for.

They were working in the IT field, making good money, and living in a waterfront Annapolis home.  In their spare time, Steve and Monica were cooking and throwing dinner parties for friends and family.

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The Inn at Huntingfield Creek // Photos and a History // Bed and Breakfast in Rock Hall, Maryland


For this edition of Keep It Local, we’re taking a drive across the Bay Bridge to my family’s favorite Eastern Shore town: Rock Hall.

My first visit to The Inn at Huntingfield Creek took place a few years ago and involved a field of gorgeous sunflowers.  I recently had the pleasure of sitting down again with Joanne Rich to learn about how she and her husband, Jim, came to own the Inn. Based on their qualifications as well as their life and work experience, you would think that owning a B&B was always in their plans.  But, you would be mistaken.

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4 Simple Tips for Learning to Use Your First dSLR


Did you buy a fancy dSLR in the hopes of capturing better photos of your family, but it’s either collecting dust or you haven’t managed to move past the Auto setting?  Are you intimidated by all of your camera’s bells and whistles and feel like you’re not taking advantage of your camera’s full capability?

Today, on the greenberries blog, my latest guest post entitled 4 Simple Tips for Learning to Use Your First dSLR  will get you one step closer to capturing the quality of pictures you envisioned when you purchased your fancy camera!

Once you’ve read through, be sure to leave a comment and let me know what you found most helpful in the article or if you have any questions you’d like me to answer.

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Accessorizing Your Photo Session, Part 1 // greenberries Guest Post // Jennifer K Photography


We all tend to let holidays or family milestones pass by while saying “we should really get a group shot someday soon”. Finding the will power to just make your appointment and seize the day is the hardest part of a family shoot. Once the appointment has a date, then the fun begins.  Creating a color palette that complements your family and your photo venue is the first step to capturing a timeless memory. Incorporating a few simple ideas for props as well as family heirlooms are key to adding an element of nostalgia to your shoot.


Willow is covered from hair to toe in new retail as well as consigned gear from greenberries.  She has incorporated some pops of color into her photo shoot with her teething necklace from Freja ($23.95). She is also showing her Baltic amber teething necklace from Inspired By Finn ($25.95).  Baltic amber is worn by our customers for a number of health and wellness benefits. It contains analgesic properties and helps take the edge off of the discomfort and symptoms associated with teething.

Willow has a simple cotton dress by Gap, purchased on consignment. Her hair clip designed for delicate child hair is from Whimsical Fairytales ($5.50).  For a complement to her color palette as well as an added pop of color, Willow is holding an Original Toy Company What ‘Zit ($3.95).


One of my personal favorite special touches on a photo shoot is incorporating a family heirloom or stuffed animal/doll into the picture. This gives you an object to hand down to the next generation and show how much it was previously loved. A fun way to hold a stuffed friend is to hold it close with a child Sakura Bloom Ring Sling ($38). The child doll carrier is the mini version of our standard Sakura Bloom Ring Sling ($88 linen & $198 silk) for babywearing or toddlerwearing. Juliana is holding a sweet fold fairytale doll from JellyCat ($28). Her headband is a matching piece to her child infinity scarf and mom’s infinity nursing scarf sold by Nora Sells Seashells available at greenberries. Also in stock at greenberries are mom’s Chewbeads ($23.50). Chewbeads are a silicone beaded necklace used by babies & toddlers for chewing while teething or entertaining them while breastfeeding. If yanked or pulled by your little one, they snap right off and can snap back on with a simple clasp. Assorted colors, lengths & bead shape are also available along with silicone bracelets.


Juliana and her little brother Parker are wearing our HOTTEST sibling set offered at greenberries. Parker has on the adorable suspenders from Tadpole & Lily ($29.95), while sister Juliana is accessorizing with the matching hairclip, also by Tadpole & Lily ($16). Greenberries stocks multiple colors and patterns of Tadpole & Lily hairclips, bowties, neckties and suspender accessories.

In the comments below, let us know, which of these items would you love to incorporate into your next family session?

Watch out for more great ideas, tips and options for accessorizing your family’s photo shoot on my next blog post!  Stay tuned – there will also be some more fun stuff in store for our readers!

Speaking of fun… the winner of last post’s giveaway of the $10 greenberries gift certificate is Katie Cannarsa!  Congratulations Katie!  Receive your prize during your next visit to the store!


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